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3 Apr 2017 Here are ten things we learned about hemp, from its history to its Although there are more efficient fuel alternatives, hemp is good in a pinch. 15 Apr 2009 15 Fascinating Facts About Hemp^15 Fascinating Facts About Hemp^Hemp is the 10 Surprisingly Good Deeds Done By Evil Serial Killers. 7 Nov 2017 Learn about the top 8 little known facts about hemp. It was lighter than steel, yet able to withstand ten times the impact without a single dent. Did you know hemp oil is one of the most healthy foods you could eat? Find out in this article why hemp oil is so good for your health! Great for a balanced diet and also for meat/diary substitutes. 5. Hemp can produce 4 times as much paper as trees can. Hemp plants are Tags:hemp facts. 20 Jun 2016 Here are some interesting facts about hemp and its uses and legality. hemp. 1. In its raw form, it's good for mulch, animal bedding and litter. From how and where it's grown to the rich and interesting history, there are tons of amazing hemp things about hemp. Here are our top 31 hemp facts.

Anyone and everyone is ranting and raving about cannabidiol or CBD as it’s often referred to for short. The product derived from the hemp plant has made major waves across the western world as it’s become increasingly popular in its oil form, as a liquid for vaporizing and to be used topically.

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Remember, CBD oil is made from the extracts of hundreds, even thousands, of hemp plants, therefore, no matter how small a percentage of THC there is in hemp, it may still have a high concentration on CBD oils that have been processed poorly, especially since the equipment needed to properly process CBD oil from hemp can be costly. 10 Facts About the History of Hemp | Cannabis Now Hemp 10 Facts About the History of Hemp. As hemp steps into the spotlight, more people are asking important questions about exactly what it is and why there’s so much conflict around such a harmless and useful plant. Top 5 Mind Blowing Facts About Marijuana -

Five surprising facts about hemp. By Andrew Sherman, Wikimedia Foundation April 20th, 2016. Wikipedia aims to be the sum of all human knowledge, so we mined it for information about hemp. Drawing by W. Müller, public domain/CC0. Today, April 20, also kn

Top Five Facts About Weed You Might Not Know / CannaSOS 1 hemp plant = save 12 trees . One of the most important facts about weed is that the hemp plant has a myriad of uses which is just not being tapped into. Hemp plants are easily convertible to paper, concrete, and even biodiesel. 45 Interesting Marijuana Facts |